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Dr. Prasanna Gunasena

MBBS (Col), MS (Col), FRCS (Edin)
Dr Prasanna Gunasena obtained his primary and secondary education at Nalanda Vidyalaya
Colombo and practicing as a Consultant Neurosurgeon with special interest in minimally
invasive spine surgeries.
Dr Prasanna Gunasena acquired his graduation from University of Colombo with a second-class
upper degree with gold medal in clinical surgery. He became a consultant Neurosurgeon after
doing his post graduate studies at PGIM Colombo and university of Glasgow. Dr Prasanna
Gunasena further got experience in minimally invasive spine surgery during his fellowship at
University of Toronto.
Dr Prasanna Gunasena started practicing as the consultant Neurosurgeon from 2003 onwards
and pioneered to do minimally invasive spine surgeries since 2005.Dr Prasanna Gunasena
completed the first artificial disc replacement and balloon kyphoplasty in Sri Lanka.
Dr have done RL spittle oration on minimally invasive spine surgery and oration on navigation
assisted minimally invasive spinal fusion.

Dr also did two year voluntary service as the chairman state Pharmaceutical Corporation and
undertook the procurement of all vaccines against Covid 19 and completed the mission by the
end of August 2021.
Currently Dr Prasanna Gunasena involved in three clinical studies related to spine surgeries and
medical education of medical staff working at Lanka hospital.

Dr.Anil Weerasinghe

Dr. Anil Weerasinghe is presently an Assistant Neurosurgeon and a Family Physician. He graduated with a MD from one of Europe’s prestigious universities, Riga Stradins University – Medical Academy of Latvia, in the year 2002.