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Comparative study

Comparative study between conventional flouroscopic vs computer assisted navigation for pedicle screw fixation Prasanna Gunasena, Anil Weerasinghe, SD Ratnapala, Dilshan Munidasa, Nadeera Weerasinghe, Loranthi Samarasinghe Neurosurgical Unit Lanka Hospitals, Sri Lanka Introduction A comparative study to assess the outcome between Conventional fluoroscopic vs Computer navigation assisted pedicle screw fixation, with regard to precision of screw […]

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Early results

Early results of comparative study between Hemi-Laminectomy vs expansive-Laminoplasty for Cervical spondylotic myelopathy Prasanna Gunasena, Anil Weerasinghe, Prabodha Samarathunga Neurosurgical Unit Lanka Hospitals. Sri Lanka Introduction A prospective study to compare outcome between two different types of surgery, for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy. Both procedures aim to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots […]

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Post operative outcomes of surgery

Post operative outcomes of surgery for cervical spondylotic myelopathy (csm): a comparative study between two different procedures – laminectomy vs. Laminoplasty Authors – Prasanna Gunasena, Anil Weerasingha, SAPM Samarathunga Abstract Introduction We conducted a retrospective cohort study to determine if there are differences in important clinical outcomes between patients who underwent two different types of […]

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